We are unable to support animals with the following conditions
☑Not Housebroken
☑Outdated Rabbies Vaccination
Excessive barker
・Sick/Health concern ・Old (Need additional support)・Under 6 month
Heat (Female)・Ticks/Fleas infested・Aggressive

Since Happy tails is a free-roaming pet hotel, aggressive and excessive barkers are banned from staying here. If you feel your pet's character is like this, please use a different type of pet hotel service.

Please bring the following items:
☑Shot records (need to check for rabies shot)
☑Pet food (bring enough for the duration of stay)
☑Dog leash and collar
-Diaper (Mainly dogs that are not fixed, are more territorial and tend to mark more often than not)
 *If we need to use shop stock, 500 JPY/day fee
 **Please LIMIT the amount of extra items you bring. Thank you for your understanding. 

Check-In/Out & Visitation Info


We may not be able to receive you, due to grooming, walking, or receiving other guests, so please patiently wait until your scheduled time.

Visitation Day 

Happy tails used to do tours every Sunday, but due to the outbreak of Covid-19, we have decided to refrain from that service. Please check the gallery for images taken inside our establishment and of how the furry guest will be staying with us. We will also send a photo(s) with some message(s) of how your furry friend is living during their stay. So please do not worry and use our shop stress-free.

Please note that pick-up & drop-off will be held outside the store due to the suspension of the tour. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

**Long Stay: 

For guest staying over 15 days, half of the estimated total needs to be paid during the check-in procedure.

Thank you for your understanding.

If you call and nobody picks up the phone, please leave a message here. We may be walking some dogs, or grooming. So, messages are preferred.

Thank you !!