Do you love your pet and want to find a place that will also love your pet just as you do?
Here at Happy tails you can find all that and more. We focus on keeping a clean and relaxed atmosphere for all our furry friends.


We are a free-roaming home-styled pet hotel where your pet can live and interact with our staff and other furry guests.

   Happy tails Features   
:Everyday walk!! morning & evening.

:24-hour resident staff 

:Free-roaming (kennel optional)

:Noon-time-playtime outside

:Clean, relaxing, pet-friendly environment

:Overtime support

:PCS service support

:Trimming and groomin
g services


We are a registered pet hotel, with a certified Pet Care Manager and Pet Groomer.
Our home went through many rigorous checks and tests, by the Japanese government of Animal Welfare, to ensure the safety and standards of living of the pets staying with us or using our grooming service.



We are located right outside of exit 6 and across from Tabata home center. 


Our aim is to give you peace of mind while your furry guest stays with us.
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